The Statutory Supervisor

What's the question the Statutory Supervisor answers?

LEADERSHIP. Leadership and safety go hand in hand, that's a fact. The regulator expects this statutory position to provide an uptick in supervisory capability. You won't get that if you treat this regulatory requirement as a tick 'n' flick exercise. Yes, you may get compliance but you certainly won't get behavioural change or inspiring leadership. This session is designed to assist you build your leadership capability and enable your potential with your role as a Statutory Supervisor.

Course content

    1. Hello and welcome: a message from Safety and Learning Techniques - SaLT

    2. Authenticity Declaration

    3. Statutory Supervisor Infographic

    4. What's the question the Statutory Supervisor answers?

    5. On the Job (OTJ) Assessment Requirement

    6. Assessment Activities

    7. Introduction to The Statutory Supervisor

    8. BSBWHS411 Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs

    9. Characteristics of effective Supervisors

    10. [A1]: Essential Characteristics for Leaders

    11. The Many Roles of a Supervisor

    12. Supervisory Competencies

    13. Unpacking (analysing) the WHS Legislation

    14. [A2]: Line of Sight

    15. PCBU and primary duty of care

    16. [A3]: Legal Responsibilities and Duties

    17. Mines Safety Management System (MSMS)

    18. Communicating WHS in the workplace

    19. [A4]: Communication and Consultation

    20. Active Listening

    21. [A5]: Plan - Do - Check - Act

    22. BSBWHS414 Contribute to WHS risk management

    23. Modelling behaviours - walking the talk!

    24. Work team WHS training

    25. [A6]: Activity Work Team WHS Training

    26. Introduction to WHS risk management

    27. [A7]: Activity Worksheet: Risk Management

    28. Risk Management: 6-steps (elements of the unit of competency)

    29. [A8]: Activity: Identifying hazards

    30. [A9]: Activity Risk Assessment

    31. Reporting - Record Keeping - Notifiables

    32. [A10]: Activity Reports, Records and the Regulator

    33. Why is it important to ensure safety in the workplace?

    34. The END

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